USS Liberty Survivor Ron Trader. Rest in Peace Shipmate

USS Liberty Survivor Ron Trader.  Rest in Peace Shipmate

The relationship between USS Liberty survivors in unique among American military units.  The death of one of us is not only a sad event, it tears a hole in the heart of each of us who remains.

by Joe Meadors

USS Liberty Survivor Ron Trader 1946-2019
USS Liberty Survivor Ron Trader 1946-2019
Another USS Liberty survivor has died without knowing that the truth surrounding the ultimate sacrifice of 34 of his shipmates is held publicly and in honor by the very government they swore “to preserve, protect and defend against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” I didn’t know Ron Trader.  He was a CT, a Communications Technician who worked in the “Research Spaces” that were entered through a locked door.  Those of us in “ship’s company” didn’t mingle with many of them while we were aboard the ship. In the past 52 years all USS Liberty survivors have shifted from shipmates to family. And now, one member of our family is gone forever. Ron may not be with us physically but he is in spirit.  As is the spirit of all of our shipmates who were killed during the attack and those who have passed since. Unlike the politicians who served then and have served since, we will honor the debt we owe our fallen shipmates. Smooth sailing, shipmate.  May you Rest in Peace.