IDF “Preliminary Inquiry File 1/67” Has Supporting Documentation After All

“A prima facie case is a cause of action or defense that is sufficiently established by a party’s evidence to justify a verdict in his or her favor, provided such evidence is not rebutted by the other party.”

by Joe Meadors

On July 21, 1967, the IDF published “Preliminary Inquiry File 1/67” which found that “There is no sufficient amount of prima facie facts evidence, justifying committing anyone for trial” following its June 8, 1967 attack on the USS Liberty.

It was quite some time before we found out about this report and after reading it had a hard time relating to it.

We were quick to condemn it since it was obvious to us that it was written out of whole cloth with no evidence and sworn testimony to support its findings.

It appears we may have been premature.

Looking at the Footnotes contained in the IDF History Department 1982 report into the USS Liberty attack, Footnote 7 among others refers to what may be the support for the “Yerushalmi Report.”

I’m sure every Israel partisan will be moving mountains to get a copy of that documentation from Israel government archives. Not to be outdone in our effort to document the attack on our ship as completely as possible, we have already emailed a contact in the Israeli Ministry of Defense to ask for a copy and will make it available along with our analysis as soon as possible after it arrives.

We don’t want to discourage in any way any Israel partisan’s effort to obtain a copy of that supporting document. Our only request is that you make the document public in its original form and not retyped as the Jewish Virtual Library is wont to do or improperly defined as Jay Cristol is in a habit of doing.