USS Liberty Survivor Ron Kukal Writes Senator Mike Enzi

[ USS Liberty survivor and Purple Heart recipient Ron Kukal witnessed the carnage and supervised the cleanup of dead shipmates killed by the Israeli torpedo strike.]

The Honorable Mike Enzi 379A Senate Russell Office Building Washington, DC 20510 Senator Enzi: I know that you know me quite well, and you also know the Liberty Veterans Association has been a bulwark of strength in bringing back this nation to what it used to be. 
Ron Kukal
Ron Kukal
We have not waivered Senator, and I know that you know that we haven’t.  If our president wants to make America great again, then it is going to take some truth.   I will admit there are few of us left, and I will also admit that I have little use for many who are serving in congress right now.  I figure the swamp is pretty deep, and I should know.  We have battled the main stream media for over fifty years as they work to keep this deliberate attack covered up. The American Legion has passed Resolution 40 at their last convention in Reno.  President Trump wasthere to speak and so was the Secretary of the VA.  President Trump shook hands with Bryce Lockwood who is one of the survivors who wants this nation to know the truth. We have not waivered, and they have tried to destroy us for many years, and yet we are still here.  As the Chaplain for the USS Liberty Veterans Association I know that the ship was saved by Divine Intervention, considering they had it all, and we had next to nothing, and we are still here.  I would ask that our president listen to what the survivors have to say, before it is too late.  We now have the American Legion, The VFW, and Military Order of the Purple Heart behind us.  We are the true patriots in this nation and we have garnered many followers, many, many!! I have deep respect for you Senator, and I will not forget the fine letter that you sent to me personally to read at our dedication in Maricopa.  I know that you know exactly where we are coming from.  It has sir, been hell on earth. Respectfully,
/signed/ Ron Kukal USS Liberty Survivor