The USS Liberty Document Archive Is Now Up and Running

The USS Liberty Document Archive Is Now Up and Running.

Lloyd Painter Affidavit
Lloyd Painter Affidavit

For over 50 years, anyone researching the USS Liberty attack and continuing cover-up of that attack was confronted with one question: Do I have all of the available documents needed to produce a complete, documented account of the attack?  With the creation of our USS Liberty archive, the answer is YES!

by Joe Meadors

After many restarts and much time learning the software, we have decided that the time is right to go live with our USS Liberty Documents Archive. The Archive is open to all at and includes all documents related to the June 8, 1967, Israeli attack on the USS Liberty.  What are we accepting to include in the archive?
  • Official government documents;
  • First-person accounts by the participants; and,
  • Research papers from published researchers;
As with all archives, we are constantly searching for relevant documents to include.  We are seeking:
  • A US government investigation of the attack on the USS Liberty.  This does NOT include documents third parties have deemed to be US government investigations of the attack but investigations the US government has provided and that it claims to be such an investigation; and,
  • First-person accounts by the Israelis who participated in any segment of the attack —  from planning to execution.
If anyone has a document for us to consider including in our archive, email that document to [email protected].