President Trump, Let Me Tell You About the Attack on the USS Liberty

USS Liberty Survivor Bryce Lockwood Meets With President Donald Trump

Fresh off his trip to Reno, Nevada where he was instrumental in accomplishing the previously unheard of task of persuading The American Legion to pass Resolution 40 calling on Congress to conduct an investigation of the attack on our ship, USS Liberty Survivor, Bryce Lockwood had a one-on-one meeting with President Donald Trump. Not one to rest on his laurels and recognizing that while this opportunity has never presented itself before, Bryce quickly briefed the President about the attack and the fact that it has never been investigated by the US government after which he slipped a USS Liberty Challenge Coin into Mr. Trump’s hand. Bryce then spent time briefing the personnel accompanying Mr. Trump about the USS Liberty and of our effort to ensure the US government finally conducts an investigation of the attack.  Everyone he spoke with was very interested in what Bryce had to say.  Probably because many were either active duty military, veterans or – like USS Liberty Survivor Lloyd Painter – members or veterans of the Secret Service. Arriving at the 50th anniversary of the attack coupled with the passage of Resolution 40 by The American Legion has wakened a sleeping giant.  Americans are becoming aware of what happened to us during the attack and how we have been treated by Congress and by Americans who are more concerned about the well-being of the forces who attacked us than they are about their own countrymen. We cannot rest on our laurels.  Some members of The American Legion voted against Resolution 40.  They claim to be patriotic American citizens but clearly their patriotism is conditional. Conditionally Patriotic Americans (CPA’s). Many of the CPA’s are in positions of authority. Authority they have not earned and certainly do not deserve.