Hypocrisy Thy Name Is Israel Partisan

Israel Partisans: Your Hypocrisy Knows No Bounds. It’s YOUR Fault The Attack on the USS Liberty is Still Available for Public Discussion. Not Ours! Take Responsibility For Your Actions. Stop Blaming Us.

by Joe Meadors

Our ship was attacked on June 8, 1967 — 20832 Days Ago! For every one of those 20832 days we have been waiting for the US government to investigate the attack.

We knew from the outset that there was a coverup in the making. Every day at morning quarters while in Malta Drydock we were told not to discuss the attack with anyone. If we did, we were told we would be severely punished.

We called their bluff and ignored the order. Not surprising (but I must admit disappointment) nobody has been punished. Some argue that since we ignored the order, the order was never issued.

We’ve been actively telling our story on Twitter @usslibertyvets only to be met by the most vitriolic personal attacks directed not only at me but at every USS Liberty survivor.

Not embarrassed to ask for help, if you are on Twitter, we’d appreciate your retweeting our Tweets and recommending your followers do the same. You can do that easily, automatically and for free at IFTTT.COM

We’ll continue telling the truth about the attack and continuing coverup. All we need is for you to help grow our audience.

If you do help us, the Tweets duplicated below are an example of what we have been confronted with.

The most powerful military in the Middle East allied with the President of the United States couldn’t overcome a lone, virtually unarmed, non-combatant US Navy ship. Israel partisans with the unlimited facilities of the Government of Israel and the US Congress don’t stand a chance against us.

Join with us now on Twitter and you’ll be able to share in our victory.



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