Hasbara Doesn’t Bring It’s Best and Brightest to Discuss the USS Liberty Attack

Hasbara Doesn’t Bring It’s Best and Brightest to Discuss the USS Liberty Attack

It’s no big secret that Israel partisans and their lackeys both inside and outside the Beltway have hoped the Israeli military would have succeeded in its obvious aim of sinking our ship and ensuring no one survived. But we did survive. And have been telling our story for over 54 years. Now that people are listening, the grand Poo-Bah in Hasbara has decided they should become involved. To him we say, bring it on.

By Joe Meadors

Merrian-Webster doesn’t have a definition of “Hasbara” but Wikipedia describes it as a “Public-relations efforts to disseminate, abroad, positive information about the State of Israel and its actions.”

Out of all the members in the Hasbara stable, it’s obvious that @FalconApoda is the only one tasked with engaging on Twitter about the attack on the USS Liberty.

He has to the vast archive of information available to him in Israeli military archives but he has ignored that resource and chosen to go it alone.

Was it his choice? Maybe he just hasn’t gotten the word yet. “Stay away from the USS Liberty!”

“Don’t f*ck met me on this subject, boyo. You’re way over your head.” he warns a Tweeter hoping his lies and propaganda will go unchallenged.

He claims to have done extensive research about the attack but when offered eyewitness testimony from Americans who were there, he dismisses them as “lies.”

Bring it on @FalconApoda.

The most powerful military in the Middle East allied with the President of the United States couldn’t defeat us.

What chance do you and your colleagues in Hasbara have?


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