IDF Cannot Overcome Egyptian Tramp Steamer

Israel and her partisans alternatively claim the attack on the USS Liberty was either “Friendly Fire” or “Mistaken Identity.”

Assuming for the sake of argument that one or both of those reasons is correct, why could the IDF NOT overcome a lone, unarmed, 40-year-old, rusted-out, black-hulled Egyptian tramp steamer during an attack lasting over an hour?

The most powerful military in the Middle East that decimated the entire combined militaries of the Arab nations arrayed against it in less than six days COULD NOT OVERCOME a lone, unarmed Egyptian tramp steamer that had been reported bombarding Israeli positions in the Sinai Peninsula.

Members of Congress need to be made to take a public position on whether or not they accept the Israeli claim of either “Friendly Fire” or “Mistaken Identity” given the improbability of its accuracy.