How Will Historians Study the USS Liberty Attack?

Merriam-Webster defines “history” “as a chronological record of significant events (such as those affecting a nation or institution) often including an explanation of their causes” and “events that form the subject matter of a history”

They also define “cover-up” as “a usually concerted effort to keep an illegal or unethical act or situation from being made public”

by Joe Meadors

What happens when a few generations from now someone learns about the attack on the USS Liberty and does a bit of research to find out what happened? What sources will be available to them?

The US government?

The DoD and every Member of Congress will point to the US Navy Court of Inquiry Report and the record in the Naval History and Heritage Command as the gold standard of what happened during the attack.

Historians will have access to the US Navy Court of Inquiry Report.

Available evidence combines to indicate the attack on LIBERTY on 8 June was in fact a case of mistaken identity.

US Navy Court of Inquiry Finding of Fact Number One

But they won’t have access to statements from the Members of the Court of Inquiry that bring into question that Finding of Fact. Not on any US government website is Ward Boston’s statement:

I know from personal conversations I had with Admiral Kidd that President Lyndon Johnson and Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara ordered him to conclude that the attack was a case of “mistaken identity” despite overwhelming evidence to the Contrary.

Capt. Ward Boston, Legal Advisor to the US Navy Court of Inquiry Investigating USS Liberty Attack

They will also be presented with the official US Navy Historian’s position that IS on an official US Navy website:

It involves the mistaken attack by four Israeli jet fighters and three motor torpedo boats (MTB) on the USS Liberty (AGTR-5), which was conducting an intelligence collection mission in international waters off the north coast of the Sinai Peninsula in the midst of the Six-Day Arab-Israeli War. (Emphasis Added)

H-Gram 007 Written by Samuel Cox Senior Executive Service Rear Admiral, U.S. Navy (Retired) Director, Naval History and Heritage Command, Curator of the Navy

How about the Israeli government?

The documentation published to the public in the IDF archives is what is in our database. We could not find any additional documentation on the subject.

Limor Itzhak, Director of the public unit, I.D.F & Defense Establishment archives, Ministry of Defense in a Sept. 14, 2021 Email to the Author

We already have the documents included in the IDF Archives posted to our Archive but they’re literally worthless for an effort to determine what happened.

How do you create the honest historical record of an attack on a US Navy ship?

Do it the same way we did for the attacks on the USS Pueblo, USS Stark, USS Cole and the 1983 bombing of the Marine Barracks in Beirut.

I may be going out on a limb here, but I view the reaction of Congress to the attack on our ship as a defining moment in the relationship between members of Congress and our military.

In the past many could claim to support the military but oppose the action they are involved in.

Now they ignore the action we were involved in and refuse to honor, support, and even listen to those of us who were involved with the attack on the USS Liberty.

They are trying to bury the attack—and their response to the attack—in the dustbin of history.

Ignore USS Liberty Survivors. Refuse to investigate the attack. Don’t make any complete, official and honest record of the attack.

The attack on the USS Liberty is on the verge of disappearing right before our eyes. We cannot allow that to happen.

Contact your Congressional Delegation and tell them convene a Congressional investigation of the attack on the USS Liberty. Ask them to create an official record of the attack.

“The Liberty Incident Revealed”-Published by USNI Press-Revealed

In his screed about the June 8, 1967, Israeli attack on the USS Liberty, “The Liberty Incident Revealed,” Capt. Jay Cristol paints a picture of an attack different from one that USS Liberty survivors lived through. Despite being highly touted by the US Naval Institute Press, the book doesn’t live up to the hype. It’s obvious purpose is to serve as an Israel apologia.

But it fails miserably.

by Joe Meadors

The USNI Press does yeoman’s work in advertising Jay Cristol’s book, “The Liberty Incident Revealed” That is IF you are into blatant pro-Israel propaganda.

The Liberty Incident Revealed is the complete and final story about the Israeli Air Force and Navy attack on the USS Liberty during the Six Day War in June 1967.

US Naval Institute Press

It is “the complete and final story” about an attack on a US Navy ship that the US government hasn’t investigated in the past 54+ years and shows no inclination to do so now. How can the USNI Press claim Cristol’s account is “the complete and final story” when our own government hasn’t bothered to find out what happened.

Cutting through all of the controversy and conspiracy theories about Israel’s deadly attack, Cristol revises his well-regarded book about the event with an expanded and in-depth analysis of all of the sources, including the released tapes of the National Security Agency (NSA) intercepts.

US Naval Institute Press

The NSA tapes should be the gold standard that proves the attack was as Capt. Cristol (and obviously the USNI Press) wants you to believe. That the Israeli military conducted the attack in accordance with international law and US statutes.

But they don’t. In fact, what the NSA has released is virtually worthless when it comes to determining what happened during the attack. Cristol mentions the NSA as if just mentioning the name gives his account credibility.

But it doesn’t. And it is so obvious that it doesn’t that it makes one wonder why the USNI Press included the claim in their advertisement.

The first recording (104) is 15 minutes.

The second recording (105) is 32 minutes.

The third recording (106) is 4 minutes.

The NSA would have you believe that their radio intercept officers turned on their tape recorders for 15 minutes, then turned them off and on again for 32 minutes, then off and finally on again for 4 minutes, then off.

Is that how the NSA works?

Cristol’s successful Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against the NSA, while resulting in the release of those tapes, has been greeted by anti-Israel sources insisting that the NSA tapes are fraudulent and are part of a larger conspiracy to deceive the American public.

US Naval Institute Press

This comment is obviously not directed at us since we don’t insist the NSA tapes are fraudulent but that they are incomplete.

And we don’t believe that a conspiracy exists to deceive the American public.

What we DO believe is that an opposing force committed War Crimes during the attack on the USS Liberty. Further, we believe that the US government has not investigated the attack which makes this the only attack on a US Navy ship since the end of WWII NOT to be the subject of a Congressional investigation, or as the Congressional Research Service tells us, not the subject of a US government investigation.

I will continue this analysis in a subsequent blog entry.

We live to educate the American Public about the attack on our ship and to ensure the US government finally investigates it. To do this, we must enlist those who follow this blog to ask their followers to do the same, etc.

To participate in our effort, please encourage your friends and colleagues to visit our Landing Page and subscribe to our blog updates.

You can also ask the NSA to release all the tapes of the attack. They admit they have them but won’t release them. I’ve asked them so many times they have told me they will simply discard any further requests from me to have them released.

How Congress Should Have Reacted to USS Liberty Attack–But Didn’t

Congress has a tradition of honoring our servicemen and women and holding those in power to account for their actions in the numerous military engagements our country has been engaged in. It is a tradition Americans should focus on ever more so when it is NOT followed by Congress. And it WASN’T followed after the USS Liberty attack.

by Joe Meadors

A recent email from my Congressman is undoubtedly being repeated by every Member of Congress.

Cong. Michael Cloud (R-TX27) Honors American KIA During Evacuation

Notice how much honor and reverence the announcement shows for those Killed in Action at the airport in Kabul.

Notice also the use of future tense when referring to the need for accountability.

Compare that to the reaction of Senator Jacob Javits (R-NY). He made the comment on the floor of the Senate on June 8, 1967.

I wish to join with all of my fellow Americans in expressing deep sorrow over the tragic error which resulted in the bombing of a U.S. Navy communications ship off of Sinai this morning, with a reported loss of four American lives and 53 wounded.

Notice that he was declaring the attack to be a “tragic error” before a single word is taken in any investigation of the attack.

Not to be outdone by his colleagues, past and present, Congress has not yet investigated the attack.

If you’re fine with War Crimes being committed against the United States with impunity and without remorse, you’re obviously a Member of Congress so you can go back to lying to your constituents about the attack on our ship and raising money for your reelection campaign.

If it troubles you that those same Members of Congress have allowed War Crimes to be committed against the United States with impunity and without remorse during the attack on our ship, Write Your Congressional Delegation and tell them to investigate the attack on the USS Liberty.